Atzmit is fighting to keep antisemitism on a tolerable level.

Jewish life existed in Europe since the 9th century AD.
It reached its very unspectacular climax at the beginning of the 20th century when jews became a homogeneous nondescript part of society.
This development ended abruptly when the Germans decided to rain the ashes of gassed Jews down on Krakow, a former center of Jewish life.
One would think, after the systematic destruction of 85 percent of the Jewish population during the shoah, the rest would now be left in peace. But no.
In the past 50 years, about 60% of Europe's remaining Jews were forced to leave their home countries, were driven out.
For us, stopping this development is a more important goal than saving the whales. In this scenario, we are the last remaining whales.

For us, saving Europe's Jewish life is a very personal matter.

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Atzmit - עצמית
Initiative to save european jewish life

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